Bird Watching in Hocking Valley
Bird Watching Areas

Wahkeena Nature Preserve-A 150 acre nature preserve also features interesting flora.

Clear Creek - the park is extremely rugged with ravines, rock outcroppings and cliffs.

Hocking Hills - Waterfalls, rugged cliffs and interesting rock formations.

Waterloo -craggy and heavily forested area with ridgetops and ravines.


Lake Hope - forested region with gorges and narrow ridges. Remnants of abandoned mining and iron producing industries.


Lake Snowden - mix of lake, woodland and open land.

Adena HockHocking - remnants of the canal basin and railway.

Wayne Natl. Forest - mix of meadows, forests and streams.

Lake Logan - lake and open meadows.

Rockbridge - wetlands, woodland and pasture.


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Bird Watching. . .You may be aware that “bird watching” is the number one fastest growing outdoor recreational pursuit in the world.  It has grown by over 200% the past two years alone!


"I consider myself to have been the bridge between the shotgun and the binoculars in bird watching. Before I came along, the primary way to observe birds was to shoot them and stuff them."

Roger Tory Peterson Experience the outdoors. Discover bird watching in the Hocking Hills.

Nature Preserves, Ohio State Parks, Metro Parks, Ohio Wildlife areas and National Forests all make up the rugged and wild terrain of the Hocking Valley Region. Bird watchers and agencies areas have come together to help bird enthusiasts discover the best of the best places to find birds.



The Hocking Valley Birding Trail organization is a group of professional biologists, naturalists and interested birders promoting wise birding practices and conservation for current and future generations to enjoy in the Hocking Valley Region of Southeastern Ohio.

The HVBT, in partnership with government, private agencies, businesses and conservation organizations, builds its standards on a keen interest in the preservation of bird species and the education of all ages about the positive benefits of birds to earth's diverse environment.


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Hocking Valley Birding Guide Checklist


Find out what species have been found in the Hocking Valley Birding Trail region.


Getting Started in Bird Watching

Get the basics on bird watching etiquette, techniques and general gear.



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News in the Birding World

Find out what's happening with the preservation of birding land and the conservation of bird species.










View the Hocking Valley Birding Areas.

Features detailed information on each area, maps and birds found in each area.

  Ohio's Endangered Birds:

American bittern, Botaurus lentiginosus
Bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Northern harrier, Circus cyaneus
Peregrine falcon, Falco peregrinus
King rail, Rallus elegans
Sandhill crane, Grus canadensis
Piping plover, Charadrius melodus
Common tern, Sterna hirundo
Black tern, Chlidonias niger
Yellow-bellied sapsucker, Sphyrapicus varius
Bewick’s wren, Thryomanes bewickii
Loggerhead shrike, Lanius ludovicianusGolden-winged warbler, Vermivora chrysoptera
Kirtland’s warbler, Dendroica kirtlandii
Lark sparrow, Chondestes grammacus
Osprey, Pandion haliaetus
Trumpeter swan, Cygnus buccinator
Snowy egret, Egretta thula
Cattle egret, Bubulcus ibis
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